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Studying for your exams
has never been easier

Studying usually involves spending long hours in the library and stress....
Now all you need is your phone, a few minutes a day and Scribzee, the free study companion app that’s loved by students around the world.

Not a student?
Click here to discover SCRIBZEE for business / professional use.

Learn anywhere, anytime

Handwriting notes is the best way to start memorising them. To continue learning, capture all your notes with your phone and access them 24/7.

Reviewing your lessons regularly is the best way to ensure your knowledge stays fresh. Add reminders to remind you to study.


Making studying easier

When you’ve got everything you need on your phone, you can study anytime, anywhere.
With SCRIBZEE you’ve got all your handwritten notes and much more right at your fingertips.



How Scribzee works?

Grab your phone and your SCRIBZEE compatible product and let’s get started.

Reviewing your notes
Review your lessons whenever and wherever you want and track your progress.
SCRIBZEE for memorisation and active recall
With your flashcards & scribzee, learn everything by heart
SCRIBZEE for time management and planning
With your diary and scribzee, become a master of organisation

Download scribzee

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