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a notebook for valentines day

A Memory book: the perfect gift for Valentine's Day

Inspiration 08 February 2022

Valentine’s Day is coming up 😊 And, although this celebration has been labelled a commercial one for years, you’ve got to admit that it’s always a pleasure to receive a little attention from the one you love.

And what better way to prove your love than with a handmade gift? In addition to following the slow consumption trend (only buy what you really need), you can really show your loved one how much you love them 😍

And if you’re not in a relationship, why not take this opportunity to show your love to your family or to a friend who is particularly special to you?

Find out how to create your memory book & keep it for life with the SCRIBZEE mobile app! 📔

1. Create a memory book that reflects your relationship:

👉 Choose a nice notebook that’s suitable for the content you plan to include :

  • If you want to write a lot of letters, poems, song lyrics, a lined notebook will be more suitable as it will help you to keep your writing straight.
  • On the contrary, if you mainly want to include photos, tickets (for movies, concerts, etc…), a dotted notebook will be more adapted.


👉 Speaking of content, retrace your history, the moments that seem important to you & add a souvenir from those occasions :

  • A film, a concert, or a festival? Glue the ticket in the notebook. In addition to remembering the moment, you will find the date of the event.
  • A trip? Draw the place or paste photos of you during the trip. When you look at this page, your loved one will immediately be immersed in the atmosphere of the trip.
  • A quote or poem that makes sense to both of you? Write it down.
  • A song that reminds you of your relationship. Write down the lyrics or paste a Spotify QR code to access the song.

Make your notebook as personal as possible. Your story is unique so feel free to include anything that reminds you of the times you’ve been through together.


👉 What next ? Because your story is far from over, add pages to complete to continue writing your adventure together:

  • A page presenting a monthly new activity to discover together: a hike, a game of bowling, a restaurant you want to try, a horror movie night, etc… To preserve the element of surprise, hide the activity by sticking a scratch-off sticker over the activity.
  • A “collection” page with (according to your interests) the films you want to watch, the trips you want to take, the goals you want to achieve together, etc.

Don’t hesitate to add a letter explaining why you wanted to make this notebook, what your relationship means to you, etc… Your friend will certainly be pleased.

2. Keep a digital copy of your memory book

Before giving your precious gift, take the time to scan it with the SCRIBZEE application, compatible with most OXFORD notebooks.

What is it for? Quite simply, to:

  • Create a digital copy of your memory book and be sure never to lose it. Indeed, as the years go by and you move to a new house, you risk forgetting where you have stored this precious notebook or even worse: losing it.
  • You, too, who created the notebook, can always keep a copy of it with you, even if you don’t live with the person to whom you are giving the notebook.

With SCRIBZEE, you will get a perfect digital copy of your notebook that you can keep for the rest of your life. Don’t hesitate to share this digital version with your partner.

When you’re away from your friend, you can consult this digital notebook, always with you in your phone, and remember your best memories 🤗


So, who said Valentine’s Day was necessarily a commercial holiday? By creating your own personalised memory book, you’ll be proving your love to your boy or girlfriend and keeping a priceless record of the times you’ve spent together.

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