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SCRIBZEE web version on a computer

Accessing SCRIBZEE® on a computer or tablet? Yes you can.

News 16 June 2021

Why access the web version of SCRIBZEE from your computer or tablet?

On the big screen, your notes are easier to read, organise or edit. SCRIBZEE Online also offers additional features such as editing notes, searching in handwritten content or in note titles, printing notes or saving notes in PDF format on the PC. For each use – on the go or at your desk, in note consultation or editing mode – you can choose the screen that suits you best:

The main features of SCRIBZEE on the web 💻

• Direct access to your document database

a screenshot of SCRIBZEE online

Once you have logged on to SCRIBZEE Online you can access all your notes directly. To make it easier to access your scans, your notes, index cards and cards have been grouped together in one place. You can also access your memos or your calendars.

• The SCRIBZEE search engine 🔍

a screenshot of SCRIBZEE online

As on the smartphone application, you can easily find the notes you are looking for thanks to the high-performance SCRIBZEE search engine. The search can be done in 2 ways:

o In the handwritten content of your notes,

o In the words contained in the title of the document


How do I search?

o To search, enter keywords in the search box located to the right of the SCRIBZEE logo at the top of your screen.

o Click on the ‘Funnel’ icon to select the type of search; ‘Document name’ or ‘Handwritten content’. You can also filter your search by adding a date range.

o Other search criteria are possible. For example, if you write on pages with coloured edges, you can filter your search by selecting a colour. If you have enabled geolocation when scanning your notes, you can search by geographic location. If you have linked your electronic calendar to SCRIBZEE you can search for participants in your meetings by the geographical location of the meeting or by the meeting title.

• Enriching your notes with annotations ✏️

annotation on SCRIBZEE online

When you reread your notes, you may want to edit them to enrich them, add comments or highlight important notions? On the web version of SCRIBZEE you can highlight or underline important words or phrases, add text or delete/hide words or paragraphs. Your annotations will of course be visible when you view the same note on the SCRIBZEE mobile app. When sharing a note in PDF format, you can choose to remove or show your annotations.

• Printing or saving a note in PDF format 🖨️

To print a note or save it to your PC, simply click on the “PDF” icon in the menu bar above the note. You can then print or save it to your computer.


As you can see, the web version, SCRIBZEE allows you more than ever to access your handwritten notes at any time wherever you are 😊

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