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Back to school: 5 tips for a successful school year 🤩

Tips for students 09 August 2021

For students, high school and college students, the start of the school year is synonymous with meeting up with friends, new teachers, new courses, but also future exams, which are often sources of stress 😰

At SCRIBZEE, we are convinced that everything starts at the beginning of the school year by adopting good work and organisation habits. We’d like to share our 5 tips with you for a good school year from start to finish.

Let’s get started! 🚀

1) Take your notes by hand 📝

To succeed in your year, there is no substitute for paying attention to your lessons and taking effective notes in a notebook. You should know that we retain what we hear and what we write better. Handwritten notes thus play an active role in memorisation. Write clearly and legibly so that you don’t waste time deciphering your notes later. Skip lines and leave a margin, so that you can add to your notes later. Finally, create your own system of abbreviations to save time ⏳

2) Get to know yourself and you’ll learn better 👩🏽‍🎓

We are all unique and that also applies to how we learn. One of the main mistakes would be to use the same revision methods as your friends. Everyone can have different needs for memorising. Find out what your profile is and the way of revising that suits you best! You will save a lot of time in your learning process and have much more fun with methods that suit you.

Find out now if you are:

  • Interpersonal 👩‍👩‍👦
  • Intrapersonal 💭
  • Naturalist 🌿
  • Verbal-linguistic 💬
  • Logical-mathematical 📐
  • Visual-spatial 👀
  • Kinaesthetic 👋
  • Musical-rhythmic 🎵

3) Review your lessons of the day 📚

Every evening when you get home, take your notes and read them again. Identify important information by highlighting or underlining them with your own colour coding system.  Then prepare index cards to summarise the information, dates, names, or key notions to remember. Then file your lessons each day so that you don’t mix them up or lose them. You can also scan them and file them in your SCRIBZEE app for twice the security! 🔒

After scanning them with SCRIBZEE, you can use your commute to and from school to check your courses. You’ll start learning without even realising it. This way, by the time the exams come around, you’ll have done some of the work of memorising and you’ll avoid sleepless nights.

4) Plan regular revision sessions 📅

Did you know that reviewing information regularly strengthens the connections between neurons and makes it easier to remember? To improve memory, it’s better to revise in short sessions and frequently. This is what you can do with the OXFORD FLASH 2.0 flashcards, question/answer cards that are easy to revise on a regular basis because of:

To motivate yourself, don’t hesitate to set up a routine in your schedule with a time slot per week for revision with friends, in small groups of 2 or 3… Revising with several people is a good idea to deepen notions that are not always understood. With SCRIBZEE, you can further improve these work sessions by sharing your notes or exercises with your revision buddies, directly in SCRIBZEE, by email or on social media.

5) Be curious 🕵️

During your lessons, the pace can be fast. This can make it difficult to write everything down and retain it all. Ideally, you should supplement your lessons with:

  • Videos made by teachers other than your own or even by students 💻
  • Reading specialised books or student theses that you can find in the university library 📖
  • Films, if they respect historical reality 📽️

These sources will allow you not only to reinforce certain notions discussed in class but also to review new ones.

Don’t hesitate to ask your teacher during the lesson for clarification on the links between the different elements of a chapter. The better you understand them, the easier it will be to remember them.

The final word on how to get the best out of the new school year:

In conclusion, establishing a routine from the beginning of the year will allow you to approach the year calmly and to learn regularly thus avoiding intense cramming sessions before the exams. Despite the intense rhythm you’ll have to follow, don’t forget there’s no point putting too much pressure on yourself. The aim is to find the right balance between learning time and relaxation time to avoid exam stress. Movies, sports, volunteering, walking in the fresh air… Clear your mind several times a week!

We wish you good luck for this year, you have all the keys to succeed 😊

Have a good “back to school”!

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