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Best 4 mobile apps for revision

Tips for students 02 June 2021

You’re used to using your smartphone for fun and entertainment. But did you know that there are many mobile apps that allow you to revise while having fun? There are more and more of them and we have chosen to present 4 of them to you. With them, your revision sessions will be more effective and above all, less boring.

1) Duolingo: the best way to learn a language 💬

If you are starting from scratch or just want to improve your language learning, Duolingo is the app for you! You can learn more than 30 languages ranging from the most classic (English, Spanish, German, …) to the most original (Klingon: fictional language from the Star Trek universe).

Motivated by Duo, the app’s little green owl mascot, you will go through the exercises to learn vocabulary and grammar by theme. Thanks to the level system, you will be able to follow your progress and know where you stand very easily. The quick and fun lessons will allow you to revise in a short time or longer if you want.

What’s interesting about Duolingo is that the app has considered the particularities of the human brain to develop an efficient memorisation system. Thus, Duolingo will repeat information so that you retain it as efficiently as possible. An interesting tool to learn everything about a language! 😊

2) Kahoot: Challenge yourself with friends and have fun 👫

Kahoot is a fun application that is widely used in educational institutions. In fact, maybe some of your teachers have already used it during your lessons?

Its credo is to make learning fun through different game modes! Take turns with your friends to create personalised quizzes based on the subjects you need to revise. You can challenge each other remotely by connecting your smartphone to the game session. At the end of the game, each participant’s score appears on the screen. This is a useful way of finding out where you stand and where you stand in relation to each other.

Last but not least: You can download quizzes and games that have already been created by the official programs or by other users.

So, ready to start a quiz? 😉

3) SCRIBZEE – revise your notes when and where you want 👨‍🎓

With SCRIBZEE, you have all your handwritten notes at your disposal wherever you are, whenever you want! After scanning your notes taken on SCRIBZEE compatible OXFORD products, organise them in your own way and then revise them in a fun way with the different modes offered.

Revision cards and notes are an essential part of revision, but you sometimes tend to forget them? With SCRIBZEE, they are available at your fingertips, in your smartphone. You can revise whenever you want: in a waiting room, in bed or just before the exam. What’s more, you can indicate your level of mastery for each revision card via an integrated colour coding system. This makes it easy to track your revision over time and target the cards that need to be worked on as a priority.

Looking for a way to make revision fun and effective? OXFORD flashcards (also known as question and answer cards) are made for you! After creating your flashcards and scanning them, take part in revision sessions tailored to you according to your mastery of the cards. The app has based itself on scientific studies to develop this tool to boost long-term memory.

Other features such as sharing notes with your friends or setting alerts are ideal to simplify your revision period.

Last but not least: the web version allows you to edit your handwritten notes. Great for highlighting important information or adding comments.

Ready to start revising in a simple, effective and fun way? 😊

4) Forest: Stay focused on your revisions 🌳

New technologies allow us to access a lot of information in record time, but the downside is that it is sometimes difficult to concentrate with a smartphone in hand.

During revision, the temptation is even greater, and concentration is difficult to find.

So how can you manage to disconnect from your screens? Forest is the answer to this problem. Based on the Pomodoro technique of working in limited time slots, it allows you to set a time period when you want to work without being distracted.

So far, it seems simple and one could ask what Forest brings in comparison with a classic timer…? Forest motivates you because a virtual tree grows during the defined work period. But be careful, if you leave the application before the end of the timer, your tree dies…

For more fun, you can collect different types of plants.

So, are you ready to test the application to stay focused on creating your next revision cards or flashcards?

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