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SCRIBZEE® Online offers you greater reading comfort, easier organisation and exclusive new features such as annotation.

Gagner de l'efficacité en réunion
Tips for professionals
03 May 2022
A guide to making your meetings more effective

Are you struggling to organise effective meetings? Optimise them with our 4 tips for determining their objectives, preparing them, taking minutes, and following them up effectively.

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Tips for students
20 April 2022
6 tips for learning a foreign language

Want to start learning a foreign language but not sure how to go about it? Check out our 6 tips for learning quickly and effectively!

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06 April 2022
Why is SCRIBZEE® more than just a scanning app?

More than a scanner, discover how SCRIBZEE makes your life easier by allowing you to better organise yourself and find all your notes when you need them!

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A person handing a smartphone with SCRIBZEE app on the screen
22 March 2022
Building a new house? SCRIBZEE helps you get organised!

Are you embarking on the adventure of building a house and don’t know how to organise all the information you’re given? Find out how SCRIBZEE will help you stay on top of your project.

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Happy millennial hispanic teen girl checking social media holding smartphone at home. Smiling young latin woman using mobile phone app playing game, shopping online, ordering delivery relax on sofa.
08 March 2022
3 apps, created by women, to help you study

On this International Women’s Rights Day, we are honouring the female creators of applications. Discover 3 applications to learn serenely and efficiently, which are worth the diversions!

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Good-looking male student writing an exam
Tips for students
23 February 2022
Competitive exams: how to prepare for them?

You are preparing for a competitive examination and want to give yourself the best chance of finding your name on the list of successful candidates? Discover our advice on how to be ready for the big day.

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a notebook for valentines day
08 February 2022
A Memory book: the perfect gift for Valentine's Day

Need some inspiration to make someone happy on Valentine’s Day? We’ve got the original handmade gift that will touch your loved one’s heart: the memory book.

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picture of a phone on a desk with SCRIBZEE app
28 January 2022
How to keep your New Year’s resolutions?

Every new year has its resolutions and a strong motivation during the first 15 days… And then? How do you maintain motivation over time? We give you 3 keys to succeed

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A photo of smiling businesswoman writing in diary. Beautiful young female standing against white wall. She is wearing smart casuals at office.
Tips for professionals
04 January 2022
The ZTD method: 10 good resolutions you can adopt to make you more productive in 2022!

You feel overwhelmed and would like to set up a new routine to save time and be better organised? Discover the Zen-to-Done method and its 10 habits to put in place to (re)find balance.

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Portrait of young student wearing headphones sitting at the table in library and reading book. University student finding information for his academic assignment.
Tips for students
22 November 2021
Tips for stress-free A levels

The bac is an important stage in your high school years. Discover our 10 tips to put all the chances on your side and pass the exam without too much stress.

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