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Building a new house? SCRIBZEE helps you get organised!

Inspiration 22 March 2022

Building a house is an exciting project! Being able to create a home that meets your unique needs is a dream for many people. But from the first meeting to handing over of the keys, it takes many months and sometimes a lot of twists and turns. We advise you to be well organised to stay in control!

Discover our simple and practical advice to monitor the construction process from A to Z with peace of mind:

1) Write down all the important information! ✍️

From the start, dedicate a notebook to your new adventure. This notebook will become your companion for this project. Remember to take it everywhere, to each of your appointments, whether it’s meetings with your builder, appointments to choose materials or meetings at the bank… You will be able to easily take note of all the important details of your project on your notebook, without creating a barrier with your contact as it can be the case with a computer. For each appointment, write down the date and the person with whom the appointment is made. This will help you to find your way around and, as time goes by and you have more appointments, you’ll be able to return to the previous pages to find all the information you need.

Because this is a brand-new project, feel free to include information pages in your notebook indicating:

  • What stages of the project will take place in which order?
  • The key dates of your project, to be completed as the project progresses: signatures, start dates, completion of the main stages of construction, deadlines for the choice of materials, etc…

You will see that these pages will be very useful and often consulted. So don’t hesitate to put them first in your notebook so that they are easier to find.

2) Enrich your notes with SCRIBZEE 📱

To avoid losing your notes because you don’t know what you did with that notebook or just to keep all your notes with you in your phone, scan your notes with the SCRIBZEE mobile app. As well as obtaining a high quality digital copy of your notebook, you’ll be able to use many of SCRIBZEE’s features to track your project over time:

  • Create folders to file all your notes. File them in folders by month or create folders for each one of your contacts. Your notes will be well organised, and you’ll easily be able to find every little piece of information that’s important. For example, start by creating the following folders: Solicitor, Bank, Builder, Kitchen Specialist, etc…
  • Add photos to your notes to document the construction process, such as: the site evolution, your favourite building materials, the floor plans with dimensions, etc. Everything will be grouped together in the same place. No more long searches in your photo gallery to find THE photo of your construction site in the middle of your photos of trips and weekends with friends.
  • Set alerts on notes containing deadlines to remind you of the tasks to be completed and their deadlines. This way you’ll avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Use the customisable red, orange, and green progress statuses to monitor the various actions to be carried out over time. For example, rename the statuses as follows
  • Red: Take urgent action ⌛
  • Orange: Follow-up required ⚠️
  • Green: OK ✌️

This way, you will know exactly which notes need special attention. And you can change the names of the status as your project progresses.

  • Find THE right information in one click with the intelligent SCRIBZEE search engine capable of finding a key word in your handwritten notes. It’s magic. For example, type the name of your house builder and SCRIBZEE retrieves all the scanned notes in which you have written the name. Stop searching, SCRIBZEE does it for you!


Because a construction project usually takes place over a couple of years, organising all the information you’re given from the beginning of this adventure will be an asset. SCRIBZEE is the ideal way to keep track of everything, so you don’t forget anything, and you have everything in one place. Are you ready to start this project with peace of mind and get the house of your dreams at the end of the road? 😊

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