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Business meetings: save time and work more efficiently with SCRIBZEE!

Tips for professionals 10 February 2021

As a professional, you attend numerous meetings on a daily basis. They enable you to question your ideas, move projects forward and discuss ideas with your employees and customers alike. Only, in addition to listening and taking part in the meeting, you need to take notes too. You then need to be able to reuse your notes and/or share them with your team. SCRIBZEE® and OXFORD provide the perfect solution for making sure your meetings run smoothly. Here’s how…

Bye bye, sweat and tears!

When dealing with diagrams, summaries and brainstorming sessions, flipcharts are indispensable for all meetings to run smoothly. That said, the large sheets of paper, while useful for developing ideas and being visible to all those taking part in the meeting, are impractical to share after the meeting. Picture the scene: the meeting went extremely well. Some excellent ideas were generated and everyone is motivated to pursue the project and ensure its successful completion. Now all that needs to be done is to find a participant willing to retype all of the handwritten notes with a view to putting together a meeting summary and sending it to all of the participants. This takes a lot of time! The moment has gone and the impetus for the meeting vanished. What’s even worse, one of the participants takes photos of the flipchart sheets and then spends an inordinate amount of time making alterations to make them readable or to correct the perspective, before sending them to their colleagues.

To avoid these frequent and sometimes stressful situations, only one solution: SCRIBZEE. This one-of-a-kind application interacts with compatible products with markers printed in the corners of the sheets.

... make way for efficiency!

Rather than copying what is written on the flipchart, during or after the meeting, you just need to scan the pages, thanks to the markers integrated on each of them. This makes it child’s play to capture a qualitative and readable version, in seconds, of all the notes that were taken during the meeting. Your notes are automatically cropped, the perspective is corrected without your intervention. Everything is done automatically in the SCRIBZEE application. Then all you have to do is open the SCRIBZEE application to find them. Everyone can scan the notes at the end of the meeting, so no need to wait for a colleague to send them to you.

Create your meeting reports in one click!

You can do the same with your SCRIBZEE compatible notebook, on which you’ve written the key ideas and the action points to delegate to your teams. From the app, easily create a single document from all the notes, which you can assemble in any order you want. All you have to do is file your meeting notes from the flipchart and your personal notes from your notebook in the same folder. Then use the Edit function to collect all the pages in the same file.

And share them immediately.

Partage ses notes

Once scanned with SCRIBZEE, sharing your notes with colleagues becomes child’s play. You can share them directly in the application. This is the best solution for quick sharing! It offers multiple options for the recipient who receives the documents in SCRIBZEE and is free to use all the features, as if he had scanned them himself.
Two other options allow you to share outside the application. You can send a document. To do this, open the folder that contains the note and select “Share as PDF”. SCRIBZEE allows you to share by email or on professional apps, such as Microsoft Teams or on Google Drive.

Stop searching, find all your notes

Once recorded on paper and saved in the app, SCRIBZEE offers several ways to help you quickly find your notes:

  • Create subject folders: organise your notes by topic, and if necessary create sub-folders to then organise them by year,
  • Link your notes to meetings in your electronic calendar and use the calendar to find and open your notes,
  • By performing a keyword search in the titles of the notes or in the handwritten content of the note.

Share your ideas by collaborating remotely.

Annoter avec SCRIBZEE

Want to host an online brainstorming session? No problem. Log on to the SCRIBZEE web application and share your screen with your employees using your video-conferencing tool. Thanks to the “Annotations” tool you can write down ideas in the form of repositionable notes that can be viewed and then shared with all participants.

With SCRIBZEE, all meeting notes become valuable resources that you can save and review when you need them.

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