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SCRIBZEE is already compatible with hundreds of high-quality stationery products made by 3 major brands.

European leader of books and pads, OXFORD is the brand that's shaping the future of the category.

Beyond our pursuit of excellence for over a century and our thirst for innovation, we are striving to turn paper into smart paper by creating products inspired by the generations to come and giving them the power of digital.

Notebooks and Pads

Whether they're for education, professional use or personal projects OXFORD has a complete range of notebooks and pads available in all sizes, ruling styles and colours.

If you still like to use a paper diary but you also have appointments to manage in an electronic calendar, SCRIBZEE can give you the best of both worlds.
Flipchart refill pads

Make your meeting wrap-up easier with OXFORD Smart Charts and SCRIBZEE.
Sticky notes

Never forget an important note again when you're not at the office. The solution: take your sticky notes with you everywhere digitally with SCRIBZEE and OXFORD Spot Notes®.
Revision Cards & Flash Cards

OXFORD Revision 2.0 and Flash 2.0. Everything you'll need to make revision notes and study efficiently for your exams.


Recently launched on the North American market the hamelin brand is set to revolutionise the scholastic notebook market.

At hamelin we encourage every person to take note of what matters the most to them. To keep learning, take the next step and take flight. We help them increase their self-confidence, feel included, and stand out. So that results will be achieved, ideas will no longer be lost, and ambitions will always become reality.

The hamelin notebooks are available on 1 subject and 3-subject versions.