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Help your friends with SCRIBZEE

Helping your friends with SCRIBZEE!

Tips for students 08 February 2021

Missing one or more days of lessons due to illness or failing to get up on time is something all students experience at some point during their studies. When this happens, there is no choice but to make up for lost time… Fortunately, an OXFORD notebook, the SCRIBZEE® application and a smartphone is all you need to help out your friends!

Taking photos will soon begin to annoy you…

Your friend misses a class and calls you to help them out. With smartphones, nothing is easier than taking a photo of your notes and sending them to your friend by text message. However, throw ten pages of notes and several lessons to be caught up on into the equation and the recipient will soon find themselves in a muddle. And even if you try your hardest to do a good job, there is always a chance of not framing things properly or getting out-of-focus images. There is only so much you can take before giving up…

Scanning and sending save the day!

Armed with your OXFORD smart notebook and by using the associated SCRIBZEE® application, you will be able to help your friend out with ease and keep a cool head too. You can make clear scans of your notes with your smartphone, then you can share them directly in SCRIBZEE or via a third party application. By sharing them with your friends directly in SCRIBZEE, they retrieve the notes directly in the application and will be able to take advantage of all the features available in SCRIBZEE, such as: organising documents by subject in the folders of their choice, adding photos, setting alerts to schedule revisions sessions, etc…

It is a great way to help your friend get back on track with their lessons and get peace of mind too.

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