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How to use Scribzee for a successful school year?

Tips for students 25 August 2023

As you head back to school, you may be wondering how you can make a success of your school year without spending all your free time revising. At Scribzee, we’re convinced that when you have the right methods, you work more efficiently. So, are you ready to study smarter with Scribzee? We’ll help you discover a routine for a successful school year 😊

1. Take handwritten notes

Did you know? Taking handwritten notes has many benefits for your learning and memory. While computers offer quick and convenient note-taking options, handwriting has been shown to promote better understanding and retention of information.
When you take notes by hand, you actively engage your brain in a learning process. You’re more likely to reflect on the information, rephrase it in your own words and organise it coherently. This mental involvement strengthens your understanding and retention of key concepts.
What’s more, handwriting encourages concentration. Unlike typing on a keyboard, where the temptation to multitask is greater, writing by hand allows you to stay more focused on the course. This allows you to pay more attention in class and capture the essential information.
And thanks to Scribzee, you’ll be able to scan your lessons and revision notes, so you always have them with you in Scribzee. And access a whole host of features to help you keep track of your revision throughout the year! Ready to discover them?

2. Use the progress tracker on your notes and cards

Once you’ve scanned your notes and worksheets, you can consult them wherever and whenever you like, from your phone: on the bus to get to class, just before your assessment to check a definition, in bed to help you remember before you go to sleep… the choice is yours 🙆
Each time you consult them, you memorise the concepts in your course a little better. To make sure you don’t forget where you are in your learning, use the progress statuses in the app.
When you first re-read your notes, set a red progress status to remind you that you need to learn it.
So how do you go about it? It’s very simple, just click on the little grey circle at the top right of your note to open the statuses. Then you can personalise them by clicking on the pencil. Have fun! The aim is to tailor your use of Scribzee as much as possible.
What happens next? As time goes by and you revise, change the status from red to orange and then to green when you have fully mastered your lesson or revision sheet.

By sorting all your notes and lessons by subject into folders, you can even get an overview of your progress in each subject. Go to your folder and click on the small diagram. Your overall score will then appear.
This will allow you to easily go back over the scans you need to revise and optimise your revision time. Progress tracking will help you stay organised and focus on the areas that need particular attention.

3. Create your revision routine in your planner

Scribzee lets you create a personalised revision timetable by integrating your timetable, including sessions such as revision periods. It’s ideal for organising yourself throughout the year and planning your revision time. Set reminders to help you stay on track and meet your targets.
How do you integrate your school timetable into the app?
You have 2 options:
• Import your calendar from the smartphone where your timetable is already stored in Scribzee. How do I do this? In the Scribzee mobile app, go to your profile, account preferences then push the “import a calendar” button to the right. Just below it, select the calendar of your choice. All appointments will appear in your Scribzee calendar.
• Create digital appointments manually. How do I do it? In the Scribzee mobile app, go to your Calendar then click on the day for which you want to add an appointment. Once on that day, tap once on the screen at the time of your choice. You can now create your event.
What’s more, you can attach scans to each of your events. It’s a great way to add your worksheets or your course to be reread to the revision sessions scheduled in your calendar.
Did you know that? The more often you revise, the better you memorise! So there’s no point in revising the same subject for hours on end during the day. It’s better to revise at regular intervals, i.e. just a few days apart. To do this, create a timetable for your revision sessions. Scheduling regular revision times will help you to consolidate your knowledge, avoid last-minute stress and feel more confident about your exams.

4. Share with your friends

Have you been ill and missed a lesson?
Didn’t you manage to write down everything the teacher dictated?
You’ve been lazy about taking notes during your lessons, but the exam’s coming up?
Do you want to cross-check your friend’s notes to make sure you’ve got everything?
There are 1,000 reasons why you need to share your notes with your friends. And yet it’s always a bit complicated. Half the time, the notes you receive are illegible, or part of the lesson you wanted is missing.
But that was before Scribzee. Because with the Scribzee app, you can share your scans, automatically cropped and perfectly legible. All you have to do is add your contacts by going to your profile and then Contacts. You send your friends an invitation to share and then you can share as many scans as you like by clicking on “share with a contact” from the menu of a note, card, flash card or folder.
So, when are you going to test it? 😊

5. Benefit from revision tips throughout the year

We all know how difficult it can be to know what method(s) to use to revise, how to concentrate properly or how to manage stress in the run-up to exams. That’s why, each month, we’ll be giving you some tips on how to get organised and develop effective revision methods.
So stay connected

In conclusion: Scribzee gives you every chance of a successful year!

So you see, with Scribzee, you don’t need to revise more, you can just revise better throughout the year. It’s the ideal way to optimise your revision time and develop effective learning methods.
So don’t waste any more time and start using Scribzee right now for a productive and successful school year!
Don’t forget to explore all the features the app has to offer. By making this app part of your everyday school life, you’ll be able to organise your notes, track your progress and get invaluable help with revision.

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