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Perfect scans every time

Our patented technology to capture your notes

SCRIBZEE® uses a unique system that associates the markers printed on SCRIBZEE-compatible products with the digital technology inside the app.
SCRIBZEE automatically crops out the background, corrects the contrast and flattens the page to perfectly fit your screen.

"Works better than my smartphone camera to frame my notes when I scan them."

Keep your notes to hand

Access your notes when you need them, wherever you are.

When you start using SCRIBZEE we ask you to create an account. That’s so you can access your notes securely from your smartphone but also your tablet or laptop.

"Really practical when you need to check something, and you don’t want to carry a bunch of folders around."

Stay productive

Rename your notes to find them in seconds

Editing titles to give your notes meaningful names will make finding them quicker and easier.

SCRIBZEE-compatible notebooks with white space at the top of the page or a header have an OCR function. If you write a title in capital letters, SCRIBZEE will rename your note automatically.

"There's never been a simpler way to find my notes."

Organise your notes your way

Create folders to stay organised

The information encoded into the page markers allows SCRIBZEE to identify the page type and in some cases file it automatically. You can also create digital folders to organise your notes by subject.
Reminders, revision notes or diary pages are filed separately so they won’t get mixed up with your other notes.

"Thanks to SCRIBZEE I can file all my client projects by business or sector."

Enrich your notes

Add pictures to your notes

Photos can contain information that’s relevant to your notes. With SCRIBZEE you can add photos directly from your smartphone camera to your notes.

"I'm studying biology at uni. I can add all the diagrams I draw directly to my notes in the right place."

Add context

Link your notes to your appointments

You can import your smartphone calendar appointments into SCRIBZEE and link your notes to them. You can also use the calendar to view your notes.

"Since I've been able to link my notes to the meetings in my Outlook calendar, it's really easy to find my notes."

Find your notes in seconds

Add contextual information to your notes

Contextual information like participants’ names, places or dates will help you locate your notes faster. SCRIBZEE’s powerful search engine allows for the use of multi-criteria searches to search all the information linked to your notes.

"The search feature is really easy to use. Info link names, places or even the meeting name become keywords."

Make important notes stand out

Make sure you never forget an important note

Some notes are more important than others. They may contain urgent tasks or need to be prioritised during revision. That’s why SCRIBZEE includes a traffic light system (red-amber-green) to assign a status to notes and a dashboard to access notes by status. You can also schedule an alert to be reminded about a specific note.

"The alerts remind me which notes I need to prepare for my meetings."

Test your knowledge

Study and have fun, at the same time

Add some fun to your revision with SCRIBZEE. Activate the Quiz mode and start quizzing! Revise on your own or quiz your friends. SCRIBZEE displays your cards one after the other. Read each question and then try to remember the answer. Is the answer correct? Swipe to the right. If not, swipe to the left. At the end of the quiz, SCRIBZEE displays your score and suggests that you concentrate on the cards you need to learn or start the whole quiz over again. Make progress and stay motivated.

"Really cool app. It makes studying a lot more fun."