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Optimise your professional appointments with SCRIBZEE

Tips for professionals 11 October 2021

Between juggling work and your personal life, days can be hectic, and it’s sometimes difficult to find your way around. To avoid forgetting to prepare a meeting or losing the minutes once it’s over, we’d like to share a simple tool with you that will help you get organised with SCRIBZEE.

When it comes to meetings, choose paper! 📝

In meetings, are you torn between taking notes by hand or typing them on your computer? Although it may seem that the computer is the more practical solution, handwriting notes has many advantages such as:

  • Gaining closeness with your contacts 💬.

Indeed, the computer screen that rises between you and the other meeting participants can sometimes be perceived as a barrier, not very pleasant for the other people attending the meeting.

On the contrary, when using paper, your attention is stimulated by writing by hand, so you’ll be more attentive to what’s being said.

  • Having infinite possibilities to draw, sketch or map out your ideas 🌈.

On a computer, these operations are more complex and even more so when the meeting lasts for a long time, and several subjects are discussed. This requires going back over previous notes, amending them, etc…. On paper, it’s easy to go back and add in some notes, so why make life difficult.

Yes, it’s proven, writing by hand allows you to remember more easily. In fact, using a pen to create the words stimulates many areas of the brain which are essential for memorisation. If you want to remember better without having to go back over your notes every 5 minutes, grab your best pen.

  • Avoid distractions 👨💻.

On the computer, there are many temptations: the emails you see coming into your inbox, all your documents and software at hand… A few seconds elsewhere and you’ve lost the thread of the meeting. On paper, no temptations mean a longer attention span throughout the meeting!

So, paper has many benefits. But what about once the meeting is over? How do you organise your handwritten notes to get the most out of them?

The many features of SCRIBZEE connected notebooks will make your life easier. Keep reading to find our more 👇


Link your preparatory notes and meeting minutes to the SCRIBZEE calendar and find everything in one click! 📅

Import all the appointments from your professional calendar into SCRIBZEE to have an overview of your meetings. But that’s not all!

After importing your business appointments, you can:

  • Scan your meeting prep notes & link them to your appointments to be as well-prepared as possible on the big day!
  • Receive reminders from SCRIBZEE after your appointments end to remind you to scan your notes and meeting minutes.

Your handwritten notes are linked directly to your meetings and will be available from the SCRIBZEE calendar. You’ll be able to find your notes very easily and check the decisions taken during your last meeting. Ideal for project follow-up over time!

How does it work? 🚀

A prerequisite must be fulfilled to be able to import your appointments into SCRIBZEE. The appointments from your electronic calendar must already be visible in your smartphone calendar. If this is not the case, go to the settings of your phone.

Once this condition is met, open SCRIBZEE and go to Settings. In the Mobile Calendar section, click on “Calendar enabled” so that the button turns green. Agree to share the smartphone calendar with SCRIBZEE and select the calendar you want to link to SCRIBZEE. Your calendar is now connected to the application and your events from the smartphone calendar will appear in the SCRIBZEE calendar.

If you wish, you can activate notifications to remind you to scan your notes on days when you have appointments. To do this, go to Settings and then to the ‘Mobile Calendar’ section. Click on ‘Scan Reminder’ so that the button turns green. By clicking on ‘Reminder time’, you can choose the time when the reminder will be sent to you.

Once the reminder is sent to you, simply click on it and then scan your note. SCRIBZEE will automatically associate it with your past appointment.


Good to know 📍:

Notifications to remind you to scan your meeting notes are only sent when there are at least two participants. This means that if you have scheduled an appointment with no participants, no notifications will be sent to you. You will still be able to manually scan and link your notes to the appointment in your SCRIBZEE calendar. Simply go to a Note and click on “Link to an event”. Your note is then associated with the event of your choice in your calendar. It’s a great way to easily find your scans!

And even more useful features for professionals:

With SCRIBZEE, you can also make changes to your notes, reorganise them, add photos and also annotations. These tools are ideal for reworking your notes after a meeting without having to copy everything.

If one of your colleagues missed a meeting or if you work collaboratively, it’s useful to share your minutes in the format that suits you best:

  • PDF,
  • Jpg,
  • Directly via the app so that your colleagues can take advantage of all of SCRIBZEE features.

Finally, after a meeting, we often have tasks to perform. To track the completion of these tasks, a simple tool has been added to SCRIBZEE: the progress statuses. They allow you to assign a colour code (red, orange, green) to each notes so you can track how your tasks progress.


So, are you ready to test importing your professional appointments into the SCRIBZEE calendar for optimised organisation at work?

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