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Put a scanner in your pocket !

Inspiration 27 January 2021

Converting your handwritten notes into digital files has many advantages, such as being able to read and share them whenever and wherever you are. To do this, though, you need to use the right kind of tools to make clean, legible scans… And, compared to scanning documents using your smartphone camera, the SCRIBZEE® application is leagues ahead!

Take a look at our visual guide to understand what the differences are between handwritten notes captured with SCRIBZEE and those captured with your smartphone camera.

1/ Automatic page detection and capture

page_detection with SCRIBZEE

SCRIBZEE: Using the 4 markers printed on the pages of compatible products, the application detects the contours of the page then triggers the scan automatically. Need to scan several pages in a row and group them together in a single file? With SCRIBZEE you can create single page or multi-page scans.

SMARTPHONE: Firstly, to fully frame all your notes, hold your phone high above the page. Then, avoid making even the slightest movement, it could make your picture blurry and therefore illegible. Also, while doing your best not to move, press the shutter button to take the picture. When you use the camera, you can only take one picture at a time. The camera doesn’t offer any means of creating a multipage scan.

2/ Automatic perspective correction

automatic perspective correction

SCRIBZEE: Once you’ve scanned all your notes, SCRIBZEE automatically performs image enhancement processing. This operation only takes a few seconds. During this short time, you can scan other pages of notes or view your previously scanned notes.

Your pages are automatically cropped to remove the background so that only the page is visible on screen. They are also straightened horizontally and vertically so that they perfectly fill your smartphone screen, without altering the initial proportions of the page or your notes, diagrams, or drawings.

SMARTPHONE: You often have to edit your photo to remove any unwanted background (like a corner of your desk or a coffee cup). The smartphone does offer possibilities to edit images, but they are manual and potentially time-consuming if you have to do them for each page of notes you take a photo of.

3/ Optimising contrast and brightness levels

Optimising contrast and brightness levels

SCRIBZEE: Depending on the lighting conditions when capturing your pages, they may show shadows that can affect the readability of your notes. SCRIBZEE automatically rebalances the colours and corrects the contrast so that your notes are as readable as possible.

SMARTPHONE: The smartphone offers colour and brightness correction possibilities, but these adjustments are also made manually.

4/ Dedicated storage space

Dedicated storage space

SCRIBZEE: Your scanned notes are saved to SCRIBZEE’s dedicated secure cloud storage area and only accessible with your SCRIBZEE account credentials (login and password). If your smartphone is lost or stolen, your notes remain accessible wherever and whenever you want on any device. Prefer to view your notes on a bigger screen? Instead, opt for the SCRIBZEE “web” application on your laptop or tablet.

SMARTPHONE: Stored by default in your phone’s picture gallery, you’ll have to search for your notes amongst dozens of other photos when you want to use them. In the end: a lot of time wasted for more than limited efficiency.


5/ Unlimited possibilities for organising, editing and sharing your notes

Unlimited possibilities for organising, editing and sharing your notes

SCRIBZEE: All your scanned notes can then be organised by subject in folders: French lessons, Monday’s meetings, etc. You’ll be able to find them in seconds just by opening the SCRIBZEE application. Finally, thanks to the application’s advanced features, you can create a single file from several scanned pages, reorder pages or delete notes, insert pictures etc. You can also share them in one click directly with your contacts in SCRIBZEE, on social media, by email or SMS.

SMARTPHONE: You can share your notes but be careful the file size isn’t too big.

Finally, with SCRIBZEE, you can make unlimited use of your notes. Capturing your notes with a smartphone camera is possible but often the result is disappointing. When you’re a student or professional on the go, it’s ideal to have access to all your handwritten notes in a legible form without having to carry all your notebooks or loose-leaf paper with you in your bag.

SCRIBZEE® : 1 – Appareil photo du smartphone : 0 

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