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Remember everything with SCRIBZEE

Remember everything with SCRIBZEE

Tips for students 18 July 2022

Whether you’re a student or a professional, SCRIBZEE reminders can be useful to remind you to revise or prepare for a meeting. Let’s see how you can use them to optimise your personal organisation. Check out our tips below according to your profile.

Students: set reminders to optimise your revision:

Did you know? Memorisation is based on regularity. To remember all the concepts included in your course, you’ll need to revise frequently. The alerts will be a great help to remind you when you have scheduled your revision sessions.

  • Before revising, remember to scan your notes so you’ll always have them with you:

It’s not easy to stay on track and scan all your lecture notes as you go along throughout the year. To have SCRIBZEE remind you to scan after class, link your student schedule directly to the app. You will receive notifications allowing you to associate notes with your classes.

How it works?

  1. Start by linking your schedule to your smartphone calendar.
  2. In SCRIBZEE, go to the settings (spanner icon).
  3. In the “Mobile Calendar” section, move the “Calendar enabled” button to the right, it should turn green.
  4. Agree to share the smartphone calendar with SCRIBZEE.
  5. Select the calendar you want to link to SCRIBZEE. That’s it! Your calendar is now connected to the app.
  6. Activate the “Scan Reminder” button which allows SCRIBZEE to send you a reminder in “Notifications” after each of your lessons. By selecting a notification, SCRIBZEE will automatically open the SCAN so that you can scan your notes. Your scans will be automatically renamed with the meeting title and will appear as associated with your appointments in the “Calendar” tile.
  7. This is ideal for centralising all your appointments and important dates.
  8. You can also associate notes to your events. Simply go to a Note and click on the Calendar icon. Your note is then associated with the event in your calendar. It’s a great way to easily find your scans!
  • During your revision, create a revision schedule for yourself:

To memorise as efficiently as possible, we recommend you learn at regular intervals. The best way to do this is to create a revision schedule.
According to this schedule, you can add reminders to your lessons on the days when you need to revise them.

How it works?

  1. Open the note on which you wish to set a reminder,
  2. Select the alert icon and choose the ideal reminder time for you,
  3. You will receive a notification at the given time to remind you to study.

Professionals: keep track of your meetings:

The secret to a smooth meeting is preparation and regular follow-up over time. Find out how reminders can help you do this.

  • Before the meeting, remember to review your preparatory notes

There’s nothing like reading over your notes from previous meetings before a new meeting. This will help you to remember the issues and the action plan you have defined. Better still, don’t hesitate to prepare your next meeting with notes.

As your days are full, it is ideal to schedule a reminder half an hour before your meeting to remember to consult your notes and get back into the file.

To do this:

  1. Open the scanned preparatory note with SCRIBZEE,
  2. Click on the alert icon and select the day and time you want to be reminded,
  3. SCRIBZEE will send you a notification.
  • After your meeting, remember to scan your notes for follow-up

Following a meeting, there are often actions to be undertaken. To make sure you don’t forget to take them into account, it’s best to scan your notes and set reminders.

Never forget to scan them again with the “Scan Reminder” function in SCRIBZEE. After importing your calendar with your appointments into the application, SCRIBZEE will remind you to scan after your meetings.

To link your calendar to SCRIBZEE, follow these steps:

  1. Link your work calendar to your smartphone calendar.
  2. Open SCRIBZEE and access the settings (spanner icon).
  3. Go to the “Mobile Calendar” category and move the “Calendar enabled” button to the right, it should turn green.
  4. Allow SCRIBZEE to access your smartphone calendar.
  5. Choose the calendar you want to link. Your calendar is now connected to the application and your appointments are visible in CALENDAR.
  6. Enable the “Scan Reminder” button. This will allow you to receive a scan notification after each meeting, so you never forget to scan your notes again. When you open the scan view from a notification, your scans will be automatically renamed by the meeting title. They will be linked with your appointments in the “Calendar” tile.

This new organisation should ensure that you never forget anything again, whether it’s reviewing, preparing for a meeting, or following up. Take some of the mental load off your shoulders and let SCRIBZEE remember everything.

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