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SCRIBZEE, the app that remembers everything, so you don’t have to.

The human brain is for having ideas, not storing them. Entrust all your important thinking to SCRIBZEE and retrieve everything in seconds, on your smartphone.

Not a business user?
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Don't forget anything

Handwriting notes is immortalising them on paper. Scanning notes is saving them from being forgotten forever.

Scribzee reminds you of everything: scanning your handwritten documents, your upcoming meeting, rereading your notes before a meeting…


Female designer texting to clients while having a break in an office.

Organise your knowledge

A reliable digital system to store and retrieve all your notes promotes clarity and peace of mind.

Discover how SCRIBZEE can help clear your mind and improve your productivity.


How SCRIBZEE works?

Grab your phone and your SCRIBZEE compatible product and let’s get started.
Explore the possibilities Scribzee can offer you with your product.

Note-taking/managing projects
Find your notes in one click and track the progress of your tasks for increased productivity.
SCRIBZEE for effective meetings
During your meeting, use the flipchart as a support to connect your ideas and share them with all participants at the end.
Productivity and planning
With Scribzee and your diary, manage your time efficiently.

Download scribzee

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