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All your notes when you need them, wherever you are

Your office in your smartphone

With SCRIBZEE® your notes are permanently accessible on your smartphone. So, wherever business takes you, you no longer need to carry your notebooks around with you.

Streamline your workspace

Organise your notes by project

SCRIBZEE makes managing your notes and projects easy. Create folders to keep your notes organised and assign a colour code to locate them faster. Archive your notes securely on SCRIBZEE’s dedicated cloud and access them from all your devices: smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Increase your productivity

Find your notes in seconds

Enter a keyword to search your notes using SCRIBZEE’s integrated search engine. SCRIBZEE® instantly retrieves your relevant notes and shows them on screen.

Get meeting-ready

SCRIBZEE helps you to prepare

Keep the notes or meeting minutes you’ll need for your meetings close at hand by linking them to the appointments in your SCRIBZEE calendar. No need to manually search your documents, just open the event in your calendar to view your notes. SCRIBZEE takes care of everything.

Share your handwritten notes

Typing out meeting notes is a thing of the past

Easily share your notes using SCRIBZEE. Sharing notes between colleagues and teamwork is more flexible and faster. Whether by email, WhatsApp or SMS, share your handwritten notes in seconds.