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Access your notes anywhere, anytime

One smartphone. All your notes

Have you ever needed to check your notes or revise during breaktime, yet you didn’t have the right notebook with you? That’s where the SCRIBZEE® app comes in. Access all your handwritten notes 24/7, wherever you are.

Feel ready for your exams

Less stress, more progress

With SCRIBZEE get the most out of your day by revising anytime. You can take your class or revision notes with you everywhere in the app. Study with quizzes to make memorising easier. Keep track of your revision and monitor your progress.

Say goodbye to your heavy schoolbag

Give your back a well-deserved break

With SCRIBZEE carrying all your notes around with you just in case is a thing of the past. All your scanned class or revision notes are saved to our secure cloud. You can access them on your smartphone (even in offline mode), laptop or tablet.

Makes organising your notes child’s play

Stay on top of your game without (too) much effort

With SCRIBZEE, organise your notes digitally. Create folders and file your notes by subject. No more untidy notes or misplaced notebooks. Oh and the ‘my dog ate my notes’ excuse no longer works either.

Share or complete your notes

A friend in need…

Did you or one of your friends miss a lesson? Does a group project require you exchange your notes with your classmates or study buddies? With SCRIBZEE share your notes in seconds by e-mail, on social media or even by SMS.