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Sometimes drawing is the best way of working!

Tips for professionals 10 February 2021

Sometimes it’s useful to sketch a diagram or drawing in your notebook to express an idea more easily or quickly. In some professions (architects, landscape designers, graphic artists, advertising professionals, etc.) it’s a compulsory exercise. But how can you use and then share your images quickly with your teams and/or customers? With SCRIBZEE, the answer is at your fingertips!

A sketch to express an idea

From drawing the first sketch of a product to outlining a building or organising a project… In all these situations and more, drawing by hand frees your mind and allows for a more abstract approach. SCRIBZEE and OXFORD have therefore joined forces to help unleash your creativity.

SCRIBZEE suits every occupation

An interior designer with an OXFORD connected notebook can walk through a series of rooms, quickly sketch them out and start to place colours, furniture, carpets or pictures on their drawing. Back at the office, they just scan the pages they need with the SCRIBZEE app and add them to their report or share them with others.

A landscape designer can help their client really see their project come to life by producing a freehand drawing in front of them, in the space they want to create. Once they’ve finished the initial sketch, they can scan it with SCRIBZEE and send it by SMS to keep a record of their meeting.

Finally, people attending a creative brainstorming session can use the OXFORD Smart Chart – the only connected flip chart – to illustrate their ideas. One of them can then easily scan each proposal with SCRIBZEE and share them with their colleagues so that everyone can think about them in more detail.

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