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Stop searching for your notes, find them

News 27 January 2021

You probably didn’t know this, but a person can consume between one and ten notebooks each year, depending on how they’re used. As a notebook contains an average of between 96 and 180 pages, you can generate up to 1,800 pages of handwritten notes in just one year. That’s the equivalent of seven novels. And, since a page can contain at least 36 lines and the lines can contain about ten words, you’ll generate between 600,000 and 700,000 words each year. More than those to be found in a dictionary. As a matter of fact, you’ll write as many words as there are in three dictionaries.

Hey, wait a moment. How can those notes be retrieved? And, above all, how can they be retrieved quickly, in seconds? No one has time to waste searching through their notebooks, leafing through the pages for ages to find an elusive note, a doodle that was trivial at the time but is really important today or the date of the coronation of Henri IV that you’d like to check just before your end-of-term exam.

You’ll always find the notes you’re looking for with SCRIBZEE

At the heart of the SCRIBZEE application lies a powerful search engine that’s easy to access and, above all, extremely efficient. Every time you scan one of your pages of notes, it undergoes invisible computer processing consisting of extracting all the handwritten words and adding them to a huge database specific to each SCRIBZEE user. When you enter one or several keywords and type “Search”, SCRIBZEE will look for all the pages that contain those keyword(s) and display them on your screen within a few seconds.

But, you’re saying to yourself, no one can read my handwriting… You even find it hard to read it yourself. It doesn’t matter, SCRIBZEE has done its homework by analysing millions of letter combinations in the main European languages. How does it work? Your words are converted into machine-readable text by means of artificial intelligence and a technology known as handwriting recognition. All your notes, even those you scanned when SCRIBZEE was launched in January 2017 have been indexed.

Thus, all your pages, notebooks and words will accompany you everywhere in your smartphone. Instead of having to carry the weight of the paper in your bag or satchel, just open the app on your smartphone or the web version of SCRIBZEE. All your ideas, your deepest thoughts, your meeting notes, your lessons, your homework, and your revision work will be there, ready to pop up when you want to look for them. Nothing is ever lost. Find everything you’ve written, thanks to SCRIBZEE.

How does it work?

When you perform a search, SCRIBZEE first searches the handwritten text of your scanned documents. If results are found, they will be displayed on the screen. Please note that your notes are added to the handwritten search 24 to 48 hours after the scan.
If no results are found via the search in the handwritten content, SCRIBZEE performs a search in the title of the scanned documents. If results are found, they will be displayed on the screen.
In all cases, the results that are displayed are coloured to indicate the degree to which each result matches your search. Too many results? You can enter a date range in your search to refine it. Do you want to re-read your notes without any highlights? You can remove highlights by pressing on the eye icon in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

You can also perform your searches on the web version of SCRIBZEE on your PC, Mac or tablet by logging into with your username and the password for your SCRIBZEE account.

With SCRIBZEE you won’t lose your notes anymore, you won’t need to search for your notes anymore and, above all, you won’t waste time looking for your notes anymore. There’s no need to assign tags to find them, as each word automatically becomes a tag. You can control and manage your notes in the most efficient way possible by scanning them with SCRIBZEE to give them all the powers of digital.

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