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Teleworking: 3 tips for efficiency

Tips for professionals 12 July 2021

During last months, many workers have had to adapt to the exceptional period by working from home, sometimes for the first time.  In a world where work is changing, it is not always easy to find your bearings and the right balance. Here are 3 tips on how to telework efficiently and with peace of mind.

1. Recreate a conducive working environment:

As in your usual workplace, the environment in which you work will directly affect your productivity and motivation. That’s why we recommend that you carefully choose your workspace and its layout:

  • If you can, it is ideal to dedicate a room in your home to it so that you can work without being interrupted. But if you only have a small amount of space, delimiting the different zones according to their uses will allow you to save time and comfort by not having to move everything around at the end of your day. Moreover, the fact that you can move directly from a work area to a relaxation area will allow you to set a certain limit between professional and private life.
    To make your day more enjoyable, you should also ensure that there is a source of natural light in your workspace. Studies agree that natural lighting conditions increase efficiency and motivation. Don’t hesitate to place your workspace so that it receives direct daylight. You’ll come out feeling more energised.
  • Have you ever heard of minimalism? This trend is very popular, and for good reason: its positive effects on concentration and productivity are well documented. How can you integrate it into your daily life?  Prepare your workspace by tidying it up: keep only the essentials within reach and store everything else in drawers. No more unnecessary distractions and endless searches for the one note you need. By scanning your notes with SCRIBZEE, you can even find all your notes by searching through the handwritten content.

As you can see, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your home office and that it is well associated with your activity in your mind.

2. Pace your day

When teleworking, time can seem long and the days a bit monotonous, so there is nothing like a well thought-out schedule to keep you motivated.

To avoid boredom, don’t hesitate to break down the different tasks you have to do in detail and to sequence your time to give a good rhythm to your day. With SCRIBZEE, you can also set alerts on the notes you need to work on or reread. This will allow you to plan your tasks in advance and not forget them.

Another way of staying mobilised throughout the day is to alternate the different types of task: video conference meetings, moments of reflection, calls, operational tasks, etc. Don’t hesitate to break the monotony by changing your posture according to the tasks you have to carry out: sitting, standing, moving, etc., depending on the possibilities available to you. Indeed, whatever position you choose, changing it will allow you to keep your mind as sharp as possible.

Finally, set up a schedule, like in the office, with real breaks. When you are at home, the boundaries between work and private life are blurred. The risk is that you don’t take a break, even in the evening and at lunchtime. However, breaks are necessary to enable you to come back more focused. To make them as beneficial as possible, we recommend activities that will allow you to disconnect in a short time: meditation, reading, micro-naps, etc. You are free to choose according to your interests.

3. Surround yourself with your colleagues, even from a distance:

Teleworking can be a source of loneliness and isolation. Yet, moments of conviviality and collaboration are important to stay motivated but also to move forward more quickly in your projects.

Fortunately, many tools are available to help you keep in touch.  Whether it’s by video conference, via your intranet or by phone call, don’t hesitate to contact your colleagues, whether it’s for a meeting with a colleague who has complementary skills to yours or a moment of conviviality with your favourite colleagues.

If, like us, you like to write everything down on paper and put your ideas down before sharing them with your colleagues, SCRIBZEE could be a great help. Instead of spending time rewriting/typing your notes on the computer, share them directly from the app after scanning them. And if you need to edit your notes before sending them to your team, feel free to use the editing and annotation tool, available from the web version of SCRIBZEE.

The ideal way to telework effectively is therefore to find the right balance. The right balance between work and personal life but also between human contact and working alone. You will also need to know how to call on your colleagues when necessary and use the right tools to continue to work collaboratively while at a distance.

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