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Writing in notebook

Tell me how you write and I’ll tell you who you are…

Inspiration 10 February 2021

However surprising it may seem in our digitised world, handwriting, or rather handwriting analysis, is still a valuable tool in numerous areas such as recruitment, as well as the arts and law. From the shape of the letters to where the text is placed on the page, how much pressure is applied and the standard of spelling and grammar, our handwriting tells others about the main facets of our personality. So, are you ready to delve into the secrets of your handwriting?

The benefits of graphology in the 21st century

When you write, you reveal something (and sometimes a lot) about yourself. At least, that’s the starting point for graphology, an analytical approach that is controversial and acclaimed in equal measure. In recruitment, it is used to confirm an individual’s compatibility with a job description. In the field of legal analysis, it can help to identify the author of handwritten evidence. In the arts world, it is used to verify an author’s identity or the signature on a painting. Finally, for individuals, it can be a source of both professional and personal development, by highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

What our handwriting reveals about us

While many attributes (such as the size of the letters, support, angle, pressure, stroke, etc.) determine behavioural characteristics in graphology, there are some commonly accepted typical features:

  • Small letters suggest you are an introvert, while big letters show that you are an extrovert. But be careful: if your writing lacks consistency it shows precisely the opposite!
  • The size of the loops in the letters “l” and “e” indicates gentleness and kindness.
  • Rounded handwriting may conceal a creative personality. Conversely, pointy writing means you are meticulous and curious.
  • The pressure of the pen and speed of writing are used to assess your level of sensitivity or commitment, and reveal your temperament.
  • Finally, there’s the angle of your writing. If it leans to the right, you are someone who’s open and listens to others. If it leans to the left, you are more self-centred. Steady, consistent handwriting shows someone who is pragmatic and logical.

So grab some paper and a pencil to find out more about yourself!

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