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someone using SCRIBZEE app, showing us a view of some journey'snotes

This summer, stay connected on the move with SCRIBZEE

Inspiration 29 July 2021

You circled the date in red on your calendar ages ago. And now it’s really happening. Holidays are here! But travelling is also about getting organised.

With SCRIBZEE discover another way to get away. To enjoy your holiday fully and for a long time.

Before you leave, tick all the boxes! ✅

A checklist is very useful tool to prepare your suitcase, both on the way out and on the way back, to be sure not to forget anything!

With SCRIBZEE, scan your handwritten checklist and view it in your smartphone at any time, wherever you are!


Our hot tip
Add reminders to your notes so you remember to do everything on your to-do list: print your train tickets, pick up your passport, etc. ⏰

Turn your smartphone into a tourist guide 📔

Before you leave, you’ll have identified all the great places to visit, the salsa class or the bungee jumping adventure, the “touristy” restaurants, and the ones you absolutely must go to. To make it easier to find them once you’re there, you can:

  • Scan your handwritten notes to access them wherever you want without having to carry your notebook with you.
  • Add photos of the places you want to visit, any opening times, the routes to take to get there, etc. into your notes as you go along.
  • Consult all the information you’ve scanned whenever you want on your smartphone, since the information is accessible in offline mode without an internet connection.


Our hot tip
Search the handwritten content of your scans to find the information contained in your various notes even more easily. Need to find the phone number of your hosts to let them know you're running late due to a traffic jam? Type their name into the search bar and SCRIBZEE takes care of the rest! 🔍

Enjoy peace of mind when travelling 🤸

A trip that promises to be idyllic can quickly turn into an obstacle course if you don’t have the necessary practical and logistical information at your fingertips: hotel name and address, rental car reservation number, maps, flight times, scan of pre-departure vaccinations, local embassy or taxi company phone numbers, etc.


Our hot tip
Organise your notes into folders matching the places you want to visit or per day of your trip and use the customisable SCRIBZEE progress statuses to track the monuments you’ve visited. You won't waste any more time looking for the excursions planned for the afternoons. 🤗

The travel diary, which you enjoy sharing

On holiday, your favourite slogan is: “Never without my notebook”! You like to write everything down then add sketches and comments. But, as you meet people and visit places, your notebook becomes joyfully messy, and so it’s difficult to find any information quickly.

  • At the end of the day, why not capture these precious notes with SCRIBZEE?
  • With SCRIBZEE’s add photos feature, you can easily add pictures of restaurant menus, tourist brochures and more to enhance your handwritten notes.
  • When you return from your trip, have fun creating a real practical guide from your notebooks and share it with your friends or keep it for a future trip: “10 things to know before going to Brazil”, “Top 5 restaurants in Macau”, “To do list for a successful trip to Madagascar”.


Save time as well as peace of mind: with SCRIBZEE, make the most of your holiday before, during and for a long time after! 🙌

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