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Three tips for modifying your notes with SCRIBZEE

Inspiration 27 January 2021

A handwritten note often needs to be reworked and completed to evolve at the same time as your thoughts. Yes, but what’s to be done when your handwritten notes, once they’ve been scanned with SCRIBZEE, appear as if they were set in stone? What if we told you that it is possible to modify your notes indefinitely, however you wish?

You’ve scanned a note in your notebook but something is missing… for the information to be complete, you need to add a photo and, in particular, some text so as not to forget some important information. We’ll give you three SCRIBZEE tips to ensure your notes always follow your thoughts!

1) Reorganise your notes to suit your needs

To get your ideas straight, what better than structuring your notes properly? You may run out of space in your notebook and have to keep taking notes several pages further on. Not a very practical way of finding them again… As for long-term projects, how can you follow them properly when your notes are dispatched in several scans? This is where the magic of digital comes in useful. With SCRIBZEE, reorganising your notes and changing the order of their pages becomes child’s play. No more untidy notes!

2) Enrich them with photos

As a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words, SCRIBZEE enables you to illustrate your words by inserting visuals in jpg format into your notes. Ideal for summarising a difficult concept! You can also add a page from another note to gather everything together in a single document. There’ll be no need to look through several notes at the same time to have all the information in front of you.

3) Update your scans and give them value

How can you update your notes over time? With the web version of SCRIBZEE you can add content to your handwritten notes without having to rescan them using the numerous annotation options that are available. You can highlight or underline the important elements of your notes to identify them more easily and also add text and digital comments. Your notes thus evolve with your thoughts. Your annotations are synced to your smartphone and you can share your notes with other people, with or without the added annotations.

You now know our three tips for modifying your notes. You have all the keys to ensure that they remain faithful to the information you have. Who said scanned notes were set in stone? 😊

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