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While talking to students & professionals who were using our notebooks, we realised how difficult it was for them to find their handwritten notes when they needed them. That's when we decided to try to make their lives easier by giving their handwritten notes digital powers. Starting in 2012, we launched our first mobile apps (SOS Notes, PowerChart, inConnect DayPOP and Pen2Plan) so that our customers could digitise their handwritten notes, organise them and most importantly, find THE right information at the right time.


In 2017, Scribzee was launched. It combines all the previously created applications into 1 app. In addition to allowing you to organise your scanned pages and find them easily, tracking and revision tools have been integrated to make your daily life easier.


In 2023, Scribzee focuses more on students and gets a makeover to accompany you in your studies from the beginning of the school year to your exams. The goal: to help you feel calm and ready for all the important events of your school year.

As you will have understood, all our choices are user oriented.

So, if you have any comments, don’t hesitate to write to us!