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Large screen comfort

The larger screen on your laptop or tablet offers greater viewing comfort.

The extra working space makes reading, reviewing and managing your notes an altogether more pleasurable experience.

SCRIBZEE® Online mirrors the mobile experience of SCRIBZEE. Notes can be viewed in different formats (thumbnail, full page and carousel versions). They can also be renamed, sorted, edited or enriched.

"Once I've scanned my notes with my phone I prefer to read them on my laptop, just because of the bigger screen."

Print your notes

Need to make a hard copy of your notes?

SCRIBZEE Online offers a Print feature so that you can print out the notes you need.

"Super easy to reorder my notes or print off a complete set of notes."

Find your notes in seconds

SCRIBZEE's powerful search engine is available from the main menu.

To retrieve your notes faster, enter a keyword, a name, a place or even dates to narrow down your search.

"It's so much easier for me to track my revision notes down in SCRIBZEE rather than wasting time rumaging around on my desk".

Transform your handwritten notes into pdfs

With SCRIBZEE create a PDF file of your handwritten notes in couple of clicks.

The PDFs can be saved to your hard drive or external cloud should you need to organise them in the same folders as other electronic files.

"We all work remotely. I needed to share my notes in PDF format with all my colleagues. SCRIBZEE makes it so easy."


Highlight, underline, and add comments to your notes

Rework or complete your handwritten notes without having to rescan them using the different annotation features (highlighting, underlining, adding notes or comments, erasing).

Your annotations will be visible when you view your notes on your smartphone. When you share your notes with others, you can leave your annotations in view or remove them.


“It's great to add things that I didn't have time to write down in class and highlight what's important.”