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Why is SCRIBZEE® more than just a scanning app?

Inspiration 06 April 2022

We’ve all been in that situation: the one where you have to send a picture of your notes to a friend who missed a class or even to a colleague who needs them to write a report. With a scanner you can scan your notes, but you’ve got to admit that it’s not always the fastest way. And when you’re not at home, how can you scan?

Several apps have emerged in recent years. They allow you to digitise paper documents, replacing the traditional scanner. But most of the time, it remains impossible to organise your notes in your own way, to use them beyond the simple scan and to find your notes easily.

SCRIBZEE makes it possible, and the application will bring you much more than a scanner would!

The SCRIBZEE mobile and web application for managing your handwritten notes allows you to scan your OXFORD compatible products. Target the markers in the 4 corners of your page and SCRIBZEE does the rest! In a few seconds, your page is scanned and straightened giving you a high-quality digital copy of your notes. But SCRIBZEE is much more than that: notes that can be organised, edited, shared, and found in no time.

Simplify your life 🚀

  • After scanning, you can organise your notes by folder and sub-folder. This way you can keep everything in order. And yes, what’s better than tidy documents to be more efficient and find them easily. 😊
  • Whether you’re sharing information with colleagues or helping a sick friend, you can share your notes. As they are cropped, they will be perfectly readable by the recipients. No more exchanges about what’s written in the top left corner of your scan 😉
  • And because our lives are busy and it’s sometimes hard to remember everything we have to do, you can add alerts to your notes. Handy for remembering to revise an index card before an exam or reread an important note before an appointment 🤓

Your handwritten notes with you everywhere, anytime 📍

Because our notes contain important and useful information to carry out your projects, being able to consult them at any time has become a necessity.

  • 👨🎓: 10 minutes before your exam, you are not so sure any more about the median formula ? Even without your notebooks and index cards with you, don’t panic, you can take one last look at your scanned notes. And all from your phone, tablet, or computer with the SCRIBZEE cloud.
  • 💼 : You have an appointment with one of your partners and don’t want to clutter yourself up with all your documents ? Enjoy a final review of your preparatory notes on your mobile. After scanning, you can consult them even in offline mode. Handy for your plane or train journeys.
I always have my notes close at hand.
Ideal for checking information at the last minute.

Scans that evolve with your thoughts 💭

As time passes, your thoughts are bound to change. And your scanned notes need to be able to evolve with them. To have more than just a “frozen” scan, SCRIBZEE gives you access to a multitude of tools to transform your notes. You can:

  • Reorganise and change the order of your pages as you wish
  • Enrich your notes with photos to make them more meaningful
  • Annotate your scans from the web version of SCRIBZEE: underline, highlight, add digital notes

Your notes are always up to date, following your thoughts and projects.

Don't search anymore, find! 🔍

As all writing enthusiasts, writing by hand allows you to reflect, memorise and grow your ideas. And your ideas become projects. But as every writing fan knows, it’s hard to find information in a notebook, let alone one from the past year. SCRIBZEE enables you to search through your handwritten notes using keywords just like a search engine would. You can find all your notes in one click and no longer lose any information, not even handwritten ones.

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