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Why take notes on a notebook rather than on a computer?

Tips for students 20 September 2022

In a world becoming undeniably more and more digital, the obvious choice may seem to take notes on a computer. Yet, have you ever wondered which method is more effective: taking notes on a PC or with pen and paper? Even if the choice is very personal, we’re going to explain the advantages of each method so you can choose the one that’s most suited to your needs.

Computer vs paper: the match is on 👇

The many advantages of paper:

Somewhat neglected over the years in favour of digital, paper nevertheless has many, many advantages, particularly when it comes to learning:

1. The first and by no means the least: easier memorisation:

Handwritten notes are the most suitable for learning your lessons. When you take notes by hand, your brain is actively working to form the letters needed to write the word. This is not the case when you type on a keyboard.

Moreover, when you write by hand, there is a good chance that the flow of information is too great and that you will have to summarise the words in order to take down the essential concepts. This processing, which you do naturally, is an important first step in beginning to understand the key concepts of the course.

Writing by hand will give you a head start on your revision!

2. Better concentration:

Unfocused thinking is the enemy of our time: It’s so easy to get caught up in social media notifications and not be able to get back on track… With paper, you don’t have to worry. It keeps you away from distractions. Paper will give you the best chance to follow the lesson uninterrupted and keep your notes complete.

3. More simplicity and freedom in your notetaking:

On paper, there are no limits. You are free to make diagrams, drawings, but also simply to organise your thoughts as they come to you with the help of arrows. You are not restricted by anything, unlike notetaking on a computer.

That’s why the world’s greatest novelists write by hand. Finally, writing by hand is creating. And it can be useful in many courses that require thinking or simply for taking notes.

The computer as a more comfortable tool?

1. Speed:

There is no doubt that by taking your notes on the computer, you will certainly manage to write down more information. However, be careful not to get into a robotic writing process where you don’t take the time to understand what the teacher is saying before typing it. You may end up with a mountain of notes and no recollection of the actual concepts when you want to learn them.

Also, with a good abbreviation system and the ability to select important information, taking notes on paper can be just as quick.

2. Easier layout:

Even though notetaking is restricted on the computer (good luck reproducing diagrams for example… 😅), the layout of linear notes is quite simple and allows for clean and aesthetically pleasing lecture notes.

In conclusion:

Taking notes on paper, by hand, is much more stimulating for the brain than taking notes on the computer. It will allow you to develop your ability to summarise your notes and save time on your revision thanks to better memorisation.

In addition, with SCRIBZEE compatible stationery products, you can combine the benefits of paper and digital. After taking your notes, scan them and keep them with you in your phone. Ideal for reviewing them wherever you are, whenever you want. You can even:

  • Track your revision progress by adding a status to each of your notes,
  • Set alerts on your notes to remind you to review them before an exam,
  • Share high quality scanned notes with your friends.
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