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Your diary can follow you everywhere!

Inspiration 10 February 2021

The start of the year is synonymous with getting well equipped for the office or school. And among key purchases, the diary is in pole position. For professional use or school, this precious item is essential for jotting down client appointments and work meetings or even homework and timetables. For a connected and organised year, discover OXFORD SCRIBZEE- compatible diaries.

Usable with all OXFORD diaries with special markers, this will be a great way to get organised. With a copy saved to your smartphone, you’ll always have the information you note in your diary within reach. Business people can be sure not to miss anything, even if they leave their notebook at home or at the office. And for students, the days of rummaging through your bag to check your homework or timetable for the day are over.

How it works ?

The diary has a reassuring side. It allows you to check your appointments or schedule and your tasks. But what to do when you forget your diary?


In a professional and private setting, it allows me to always have
your agenda on your smartphone

When you scan the pages of your diary, the notes for each date are automatically archived in SCRIBZEE®’s “Calendar” function, by day or week, depending on the format of the diary (daily or weekly). It’s like having a copy of your paper notebook in digital format.

Pages of undated content (grades, lists, your monthly schedule, list of subjects or professors) are automatically filed in the SCRIBZEE® “Notes” directory, in an automatically created folder with the same name.

Finally, the diary’s “Notes” pages are sent to the “Pending” area so that you can file them later in the folder you choose.

Once the pages of your diary have been scanned with SCRIBZEE®, you can:

  • Consult them whenever you want 🔎,
  • Share them: useful for telling your friends about the homework that’s due for the next day or to inform your colleagues about your schedule 💼
  • Manually create alerts so you never forget anything again ⏰
  • Link your smartphone calendar to SCRIBZEE to group all your appointments (digital and handwritten) in the SCRIBZEE calendar 📅

In the event that an appointment is canceled or modified, just scan the page again so that it automatically replaces the previous file.

With the SCRIBZEE-compatible OXFORD connected diary, you’ll never have any doubts about your schedule again.

Pros are always on time for their appointments!
Alerts are automatically scheduled in the SCRIBZEE® calendar for appointments at a set time (e.g. a meeting between 10 and 11 am) in OXFORD professional diaries. Just draw a line in the special margin provided.
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